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Oracy Curriculum


Proficient oracy skills are essential not just for spoken communication but also for high standards of writing and reading.  If a child cannot speak in grammatically correct sentences, they will not be able to write in them or understand their meaning when reading.  Talk for learning and talk to learn is at the very heart of our curriculum and opportunities to practise and promote these skills are planned at every opportunity.  SEND and vulnerable pupils benefit from many stimulating experiences including oracy celebration days, performances and  weekly fluency tasks. They can also access precision teaching  if required.  The targeted teaching and varied opportunities for oracy ensure our pupils have the skills and experience to succeed at the next stage of their education.

Oracy Celebration Day


Some excellent performances from across the school!

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No Pens Day November 2022 – Warlingham Village

On No Pens Day, pens and writing are banned so that the day’s learning takes place using oracy skills e.g., speaking and listening.

Each teacher chose a particular aspect of oracy to work on with their class.  These aspects were selected from our whole school oracy progression document which guides teachers on what skills children should have developed by the end of each year.  Teachers planned an exciting programme of exciting and ambitious oracy activities, some of which are given below:

Year Group Oracy focus taken from progression document Examples of activities included
Reception Learning to take turns
  • Birthday party for Kipper
  • Chinese Whispers
  • Talk like an expert – stick insects with Y1
Year 1 Begin to develop some group working skills
  • Talk like an expert – Vets on what to feed wild birds
  • Debate on who was to blame for The Great Fire of London
  • I went into my burning home and saved…
Year 2 Develop active listening and speak in full sentences
  • Talk like an expert – Vets on what to feed wild birds
  • Debate on who was to blame for The Great Fire of London
  • I went into my burning home and saved…
Year 3 Begin to develop the ability to summarise and ask relevant questions to clarify
  • What rules would you need on a desert island?
  • I went to the supermarket and bought…
Year 4 Employ appropriate volume in different situations and build on and challenge the views of others
  • Debate about school uniform
  • Discussion of what volume levels are appropriate at different times in the classroom
Year 5 Start to show awareness of audience’s interest and understanding
  • Maths – place value
  • Speaking like an expert – own choice of subject to present about
Year 6 Demonstrate consistent turn-taking and active listening and responding
  • Conscience Alley
  • Hot seating
  • Presentations
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