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Music Curriculum


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Music is an important part of our curriculum here at Warlingham Village. Not only do we see it as a curriculum area to teach skills and knowledge through but it also provides a vehicle to improve children’s confidence, creativity and develop a love for an area of life that can be expressed in so many different ways. Our curriculum has been designed to build on these experiences, knowledge and skills to allow pupils to develop their abilities and appreciation at their own rate.  


 Music is taught as discrete lessons in each year group as well as through rehearsals for musical events throughout the year.  All children are given the opportunity to be able to perform and to play at least one tuned musical instrument as well as a variety of untuned musical instruments through the curriculum at Warlingham Village. Music is prominent in the school with opportunities to watch a range of performances from other children in the school and performers that visit the school. Children regularly take part in a variety of performances from whole school Harvest festivals and carol concerts, to class plays and solo performances in assemblies and music evenings. 

By the time our children leave Year 6 they would have experienced varied opportunities to perform in a variety of ways and have discovered a wide range of music. They challenge themselves to be confident in discussing their likes and dislikes and how music makes them feel and are inspired to develop their understanding of music and the part it  plays in their lives. 



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