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At Warlingham Village, we are committed to ensuring all our pupils grow, develop and leave school with the relevant life skills to keep themselves safe and to be a good citizen in the community. With this in mind, we deliver the Life Skills curriculum weekly, across all year groups, mainly using the Jigsaw program. We also add our own sessions to cover other skills we find important for Life Skills, and will compliment the Jigsaw program. We use initiatives that excite children and families to participate in, and involve the community where possible. Celebrating different cultures and diversity are at the heart of our school. Significant events and holidays are celebrated to create tolerance and understanding. Our sessions are planned to support all children understand an array of different experiences through their life, ensuring that all children are developing their cultural capital throughout their time at our school, which progresses and are built upon throughout each year group so that all topics are revisited and embedded. Our curriculum is easily accessible to SEND and vulnerable children, as we provide and expand upon the knowledge that mirror the everyday experiences out of school, which also helps to provide a strong link with families and home life. 



Children challenge themselves and are inspired to  discover new lines of enquiry in their own emotional, academic and physical development.




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