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Sports Premium Funding

At Warlingham Village Primary School we want to inspire pupils to participate in and enjoy physical activity, as well as recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to provide this through differentiated and effective teaching of the curriculum and the ability to offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities. Our drive is to engage pupil’s enthusiasm and develop their passion in a range of sports and disciplines. 



Previous Spend and impact:

2013-14 = £8,860.00

2014-15 = £ 9000.00

2015-16 = £8, 885

2016-17 = £8, 895

2017-18 = £8271



£1000 was spent on iPad and a tracking programme to track progress with the PE curriculum as well as identify regular exercise for every pupil to partake on physical activity regularly.

£5986 was spent on playground markings including a fitness trail to encourage active play at break times and lunchtimes. The markings are used by children before and after school as well as at break times.

£1275 was put towards our Jigsaw life skills curriculum which supports the teaching for an active, healthy lifestyle. The curriculum is embedded from reception through to year 6.

£500 was put towards visuals in the school promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

£1600 was put towards teachers and teaching assistants and their continuing professional development in the subject.

£2080 was put towards clubs through the school during the course of the year.

£1060 was put towards swimming lessons in KS2



Pupils progress and partaking in physical activity is monitored successfully and consistently to ensure all children regularly take part in physical activity.

Pupils are explicitly taught about an active, healthy lifestyle throughout the school and can confidently talk about the subject.

The new playground markings and visuals in the school have encouraged children to be more active. The school council has since organised a ‘Daily Dash’ for children to carry out laps of the playground at the end of their lunchtime.

CPD for staff members has improved the skillset and confidence of members of staff in the area.

A growing numbers of pupils are taking part in a range of sporting clubs after school.

More opportunity is given for all children to learn to swim.