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Sports Premium Funding

At Warlingham Village Primary School we want to inspire pupils to participate in and enjoy physical activity, as well as recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to provide this through differentiated and effective teaching of the curriculum and the ability to offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities. Our drive is to engage pupil’s enthusiasm and develop their passion in a range of sports and disciplines. 



Previous Spend and impact:

2013-14 = £8,860.00

2014-15 = £ 9000.00

2015-16 = £8, 885

2016-17 = £8, 895


£880 was spent on additional sports opportunities that have been offered by employing specialist coaches to provide expert tuition in swimming, cross-country, athletics, football, basketball, futsal and gymnastics.

£16, 171 was spent on new outdoor activity equipment that the children use as warm up activities for their PE lessons and can also use during playtimes. £7, 285 of the £16, 171 was brought forward from the previous year.


Outdoor P.E. equipment: The equipment has been more successfully used as part of the 'game zones' at playtime, and more specifically during the summer term as the weather is warmer. The equipment has also started to be used for warm ups to PE lessons meaning the pupils are getting regular use of the equipment and more direction on how to use the equipment and challenge themselves on it.

In summer playtimes, the equipment is very popular with the children when it is their turn to use it and it is supervised well by the midday supervisors at lunchtime.

Expert coaches: The variety of sports offered has benefitted children from Reception up to Year 6.