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The School Council

We are the school council and we have set the school some objectives to achieve by the end of the school year to help the children grow learn and flourish.

Two children from every class are voted onto The School Council each year and then hold regular meetings supported by a member of staff.  Their role is to represent pupil voice throughout the school and identify ways to further improve the learning, welfare and personal development of pupils.  It also leads charity fundraising which is a key element in developing citizenship amongst pupils.

The focus in 2017-2018 was for the School Council to improve pupils’ behaviour and welfare. They identified lunchtimes in the hall as an area where behaviour could be improved and worked with Midday Supervisors to develop a new set of behaviour rules.

The School Council was also key in the introduction of new house names based on the natural elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Not only do these names match the house colours but they also have attractive logos to go with them.

The School Council led some very successful fundraising in the Autumn term which resulted in over £400 being raised for Children in Need and every 10p was counted by the children on the Council!

In the summer term the School Council introduced the school to Rock Your Socks: a fundraising day for PSDS which provides support for children with Down Syndrome.


The focus in 2018-2019 for School Council is to further develop our inviting school environment, making it a place where all children love to learn and making it a welcoming environment we all take pride in. So far, they have identified that lost property is increasing- making these designated areas an eye sore. The School Council representatives came up with a new way to manage the amount of lost property by ensuring each class has their own plastic box which they take out at break times and lunchtimes. This way the children are able to put their belongings (cardigans, jumpers and snack pots) away in the box specifically designated for their class.
The School Council have suggested that they would like to participate in the Daily Mile. They confidently took this suggestion back in their year groups in order to cast a vote to establish who would be interested. It was a very strong vote for ‘yes’ so watch this space…


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