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The School Council

We are the school council and we have set the school some objectives to achieve by the end of the school year to help the children grow learn and flourish.

Two children from every class are voted onto The School Council each year and then hold regular meetings supported by a member of staff.  Their role is to represent pupil voice throughout the school and identify ways to further improve the learning, welfare and personal development of pupils.  It also leads charity fundraising which is a key element in developing citizenship amongst pupils.

The focus in 2016-17 was to discover how pupils felt about lessons and how their enjoyment and learning could be increased.  The School Council designed a pupil questionnaire and then collated the results obtained, presenting these to pupils and staff in a whole school assembly.  Because of this focus, teachers further developed their use of quizzes, competitions and games in lessons, introducing very successful English and Maths games weeks.

The School Council held fundraising events for Polio and Comic Relief.  All children brought a joke to school, and after class auditions, finalists performed their jokes in a Red Nose Assembly which was judged by The School Council.


The focus in 2017-2018 for School Council is pupils’ behaviour and welfare. So far, they have identified lunchtimes in the hall as an area where behaviour could be improved and have worked with Midday Supervisors to develop a new set of behaviour rules and a ‘noise level meter’.

The School Council has also been key in the introduction of new house names based on the natural elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Not only do these names match the house colours but they also have attractive logos to go with them.

School Council led some very successful fundraising in the Autumn term which resulted in over £400 being raised for Children in Need and every 10p was counted by the children on the Council!

This term School Council will be introducing the school to Rock Your Socks a fundraising day for PSDS which provides support for children with Down Syndrome.

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