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At Warlingham Village we promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle by developing self-motivation to take part in physical activity. Our PE curriculum is designed to build children’s self-esteem and confidence and to develop personal and social skills by promoting cooperation and teamwork: playing fairly to rules and mixing with children from other schools in competitive sports.



Our class teachers deliver the PE lessons to ensure all children, regardless of their ability, are given the chance to experiment, practise and compete in a stimulating, enjoyable and appropriately challenging environment; using their knowledge of the children to bring the best out of them.


The use of our PE curriculum supports our SEND and vulnerable children by providing pictures and video clips to demonstrate skills which are then broken down into smaller steps and opportunities are provided to repeat these skills.


We provide the children with a wide variety of sports through lessons and clubs ensuring that they have cultural capital to develop their preferences outside of school. we teach our children resilience and the value of good sportsmanship.   


Each year group covers six different units of P.E including dance, gymnastics, athletics and team games. Our curriculum ensures that different year groups experience different team games including cricket, rounders, volleyball, dodgeball and hockey as well as football and netball. 


The skills, knowledge and understanding within each unit are built upon from year to year.  For example, Early Years learn the simple, basic skills they need to access PE. lessons. Physical skills are taught to support their core strength, balance and understanding of simple ball games, gymnastics and dance with emphasis on social skills such as turn taking and team work. These skills are then progressed further. In Key Stage 1 children are taught to master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and coordination. Progression in Key Stage 2 is established by the intention to be able to apply running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination in competitive games, choreograph and participate in performance dances that use a range of movement patterns and take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team.


By the time children finish their time in Year 6 with us, not only have they discovered a love of sports and an understanding of leading a healthy lifestyle but they have the skills and understanding of a range of sporting activities to challenge themselves and are inspired to continue physical education and further pursuits out of school.



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PE Timetable for 2022-2023


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  Lesson 4 (1:15-2:15pm) Lesson 5 (2:15-3:15pm)
Tuesday Year 4 Year 3
Wednesday Year 2 Year 5
Thursday Year 1 Year 6
Friday Reception (am)  


P.E. Kit


White or blue Warlingham Village Primary School t-shirt (round neck)

Navy blue shorts/jogging bottoms

plimsolls / trainers



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