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Vision, Values and Aims

Three Year Vision Statement

Challenge - Inspire - Discover

We are an outstanding school. At the very least we aim to continue to be outstanding every year forward.When we became outstanding, we were six months into implementing our ‘discovery’ curriculum of foundation subjects. This skills based curriculum is built on the principles of the teaching the skills and knowledge that the national curriculum requires, but giving the children the confidence and ability to choose the learning path on which to use the skills and knowledge they learn.

As embedded language within the school, ‘challenge’ is known and understood by the children to varying degrees according to their age and cognitive ability. The children know the ‘Champion Challenge’ as a celebration of their learning in the foundation subjects in particular but may not realise that a lot of maths and English is also a part of it even though it is taught discreetly.

In choosing to inspire the children, challenge them to learn in more and in depth, and to discover new knowledge and skills, we are developing a love of learning and resilience that will serve them well through the rest of their lives.


In three years’ time:

  • Children’s learning needs to have stronger cross-curricular links and support the learning of maths and English skills to a greater degree than it does now.
  • Children will have greater independence to choose their learning paths, but teachers will need to recognise the key moments to intervene to move the learning on (such as adults in the Early Years have been doing for years).
  • The curriculum will reflect this by being a developing continuum of skills and knowledge that grows to support the independence of the children’s learning.
  • Discrete learning will still to take place where links cannot be easily made.


At Warlingham Village Primary School we aim to:

Create a safe environment that is motivating, happy and stimulating. An environment in which children acquire the skills, knowledge and concepts relevant to their future.

  • Enable our children to become confident, responsible pupils who are creative and developing independent learning.
  • Support our children in achieving their full potential in being enthusiastic, proactive learners who have high personal levels of achievement in literacy, numeracy and across the curriculum.
  • Help children to develop a tolerant and caring attitude, showing respect and understanding of others.
  • Maintain a friendly community and trusting relationship between home and school so that we may work together for the good of the children.


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"Each child, having an individual personality, is encouraged to work towards their personal best within a happy, warm and friendly community."