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Thrive Provision


At Warlingham Village we recognise that children learn best when they are happy (both in themselves and the environment in which they are learning).  To help us achieve this we use a whole school approach called Thrive.

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What is Thrive and how does it work?

Thrive is a systematic and specific way of working with children to help with the early identification of their emotional and social developmental needs. Using the latest research in brain science, child development and attachment theory. We use this knowledge to help us understand how children’s brains develop, what needs are being signalled by their behaviour and how we as a school can best support this development.



What can Thrive help my child with?

For every child this is different. Below are just some of the areas Thrive can support children with:

  • Confidence and self-esteem building
  • Forming trusting and rewarding relationships
  • Developing their creativity and curiosity
  • Becoming more resilient and resourceful
  • Recognising and regulating feelings
  • Being thoughtful and self-aware
  • Transitioning to new classes, new routines etc.
  • Overcoming challenges and difficulties with confidence


How is this achieved?

Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive. We use these relationships along with play and creative activities to help support a child’s development.  Activities vary on, not only a child’s needs, but how they are feeling on a day to day basis. At Warlingham Village we believe in providing children with as many opportunities as possible to help them become the best version of themselves.

Parents are offered half termly meetings with our Thrive lead so progress and goals can be achieved together.


Examples of Thrive Activities:

  • Arts and crafts: Drawing, painting, clay, playdough, stone painting, shadow drawing, potato starch creations, sensory and galaxy bottles, slime making, sowing, printing and much more.
  • Outdoor and physical activities: treasure hunts, cloud watch, ball games, bug hunting, exploring and team games.
  • Gardening: To encourage children to spend more time outside, children who attend Thrive are part of our gardening project helping them develop their life skills.  The children plant and grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables.  Our aim is that children will create a healthy meal from scratch; giving them a sense of pride and ownership as they watch their garden grow and flourish- just like themselves!


Lunch Club

As well as a number of outside activities, Warlingham Village offers a Lunch club.

Lunch Club runs every lunch time and provides the children an alternative to the outside activities. All children are invited to attend Lunch Club and it offers structured activities that help develop children’s social skills while allowing the children to “let off steam”.


Outreach Support Through Our Thrive Team:

At Warlingham Village we strive to provide the best support for not only our children but our families as well.

We work with a wide range of community support which allows us the opportunity to provide a variety of support which includes:

  • Support for families who face challenging behaviours
  • Food Bank Vouchers
  • Support with clothing, baby essentials and toys for those difficult times.

If you have any further questions please contact Mrs Foster


Links to parent resources:


For more information please visit the Thrive website.





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