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Welcome back to the new school year.

Wednesday 6th September

It was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces in the playground this morning.  I know it can be quite a shock for children that may have had a slightly longer lay-ins over the holidays.

There are, of course, some changes that the children will get used to very quickly. The main one, for the children, is remembering to go to their new classroom for the start of each session. However, other important changes being Mrs Boot, talking over in Year 6, and the addition of new staff: Miss Ladega in Year 1 and Miss Montgomery in Year 5.

Apart from this, the school remains the same. We still strive to give the children the best education we can give while making the learning challenging and fun. With the whole school community working to achieve this, we hope this new academic year will be very successful.

G.Green - Headteacher