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English: Spelling, Vocabulary, Punctuation and Grammar

Our Vision for Spelling, Vocabulary, Punctuation and Grammar


In Key Stage Two, spelling lessons are taught weekly and should be revisited in handwriting lessons. Lessons should be differentiated according to individual pupil need. Teachers must use the medium term spelling plans when planning these weekly sessions.

Spelling target cards are used in all year groups. These must be dated to show when a target has been achieved.

Throughout all subjects pupils should have independent access to dictionaries, word lists and spelling logs.


Grammar and Punctuation and Vocabulary

In Key Stage 2 there are discrete grammar sessions to teach core skills. These skills are embedded into the writing curriculum.


Speaking and Listening

The national curriculum for English reflects the importance of spoken language in pupils’ development across the whole curriculum – cognitively, socially and linguistically. Spoken language underpins the development of reading and  writing and our Curriculum reflects this.  Children are encouraged to explain their answers fully in all lessons. Drama opportunities are also used to support the children with their spoken language and ability to communicate to an audience.



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