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Standard Assessment Tests and Tasks (SATs) 2021-2022

Standard Assessment Tests
Year 6 Key Stage 2 Test Period
These will take place from Monday 9th May to Thursday 12th May 2022.
The days on which each paper are taken are as follows:
Monday      English Grammar & Punctuation and Spellings Papers
Tuesday      Reading Paper
Wednesday Mathematics Papers 1 and 2
Thursday    Mathematics Paper 3
Year 2 Key Stage 1 Test Period
May 2022
Year 1 Phonics Screening
From 6th June 2022
Year 4 Multiplicatino Screening Check
From 6th June 2022
EYFS Baseline Assessments
September/October 2921
Links to parents information about the SATs:
Below is a link to the School Data Dashboard where information about the school's performance can be found.

Data Dashboard