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Nine reasons to choose Warlingham Village Primary School

Our staff and pupils enjoy being at our school which was awarded Outstanding status by Ofsted and we are all proud of the warm ethos of our community.

Nine reasons to choose Warlingham Village Primary School and why it is Outstanding in the words of Ofsted:

High Aspirations
Staff have high aspirations for all children; not only academically but socially and emotionally, for all children to be the best they can be.
Leaders have high aspirations for the school and are constantly driving development forward.

Growth Mindset
Warlingham Village has a Growth Mindset ethos where children learn they can do anything if they put their mind to it and put in the effort required.

Valued Stakeholders
The opinions and contributions of all pupils, parents, staff, the SSB and the wider community are valued and taken into account in targeting school development.

Community School
Warlingham Village is a village primary school with close links with the local community where we regularly make use of the area around us.

Inclusive ethos
Staff ensure that inclusion is at the heart of our school with bespoke provision for those with special needs and disabilities.

Rigorous Safeguarding
Safeguarding procedures are rigorous and current.

Motivated staff
Staff are driven and keen to continue with career development and training to ensure teaching throughout the school is robust.

High Achievement
Pupil achievement is above national levels when children leave our school for secondary school across the curriculum.

Diverse Curriculum
Our bespoke curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities for children to develop a variety of learning skills, creativity as well as skills and knowledge associated with the various subject areas.